Photography tips, stargazing, adventures with children, camping and navigation tips...

Penguins And Photographers

Penguin paradise in South Georgia

Christine Gordon describes her visit to South Georgia, on an expedition ship, where she discovers a troublesome history, an incredible diversity of wildlife and highly proactive conservation efforts.

Flamingoes In Chile Salar De Surire

Staying mentally strong and motivated on long distance bike tours

In 2011, Mountain Leader Cress Allwood began a journey on her bike that would take her around the world. Returning to England in 2013, she now works as a leadership coach. Here she offers her three top tips for keeping motivated on long expeditions.

Langdale Pikes

Summer in the Lake District

Photographer Andrew Clayborough gets out into the Lake District in the beautiful summer weather. Here he takes a walk up Mellbreak above Buttermere.

Trekking the GR10 with a hammock

Lightweight Hammock Camping

Looking for lightweight camping gear? Have you considered using a hammock for your next trek? Long distance walker Mark Houghton describes how you can make your own to use on your next trekking adventure.

Night Sky

The Night Sky: Crux - A Distinctive Cross in the Southern Sky

Night Sky expert Brian Jones discusses the constellation Crux. He describes how to locate it, its history and other interesting details for the backyard astronomer.

Walking in the mountains with kids

How to Walk with Kids

How to walk with kids in the British mountains. Tips for fun days out in the countryside.

Night Sky Canis Minor

Skywatch: Canis Minor, Orion’s (little) canine helper

Astronomer Brian Jones comments on Canis Minor, 'the little dog'.

Infant Trekking

Trekking with an infant 2: Before you go

Tips on how to go trekking, or thru hiking with an young child, including choosing a destination, making reservations, picking a companion and training.

Successful Selfies

Six steps to successful 'selfies'

Richard Barrett provides his top tips for taking those tricky self-portrait shots to a higher standard.

Hoch Tirol

High magic in the Hoch Tirol

Description of a ski tour through the Austrian Hoch Tirol in the Eastern Alps taking in the Gross Geiger, Granatspitze, Gross Venediger and the Gross Glockner.