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Walking across the UK, including canal walks, historical sites, coastal paths and more...

Stodmarsh Nature Reserve Makes For Interesting Walks Among The Reedbeds

Walking in Kent: no second best

Kev Reynolds recently wound up a lecture on trekking in the Himalaya, when a member of the audience asked: ‘If you’re so passionate about mountains, why do you live in Kent?’ Here is his response…

The Wetlands Of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Re-imagining the city: quiet ways along London’s ‘other’ rivers

Imagine a land of forgotten tributaries, hidden history and resurgent nature, where a fox might be spied far from any hen-coop, or a pair of coots build their nest with cast-offs from the human world. Yes, that’s right: London, which Peter Aylmer has been exploring for his Cicerone guide Walking in London.

The Druid Stone On Kinder Scout

Dark Peak – The High Moorlands of the Peak District National Park

The names of Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and Black Hill are famous for a true UK wilderness walking experience, within easy access of the major cities of Sheffield and Manchester. Paul Besley, author of Cicerone's new Dark Peak walking guidebook tells the story of these hills.

Anne And Friends On Calf Top Summit In 2007 Before It Was Promoted To Mountain Status Cover

Measuring Mountains - What actually IS a summit?

‘New Mountain Found’ scream the newspaper headlines. But surely all the mountains in this country have been discovered long ago: what's new? John Nuttall explains what the headlines are all about and how some intrepid surveyors beat the Ordnance Survey at their own game.

North Wessex Downs

An ancient landscape: the archaeology of the North Wessex Downs

Walking highlights of the North Wessex Downs, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We explore henges, The Ridgeway, white horses, prehistoric mounds and hill forts.

Exploring Hilbre Island with children

Walking with young children - exploring a tidal island

Exploring the tidal island of Hillbre off the coast of the Wirral in Merseyside with young children. Tips and tricks for how to have a great adventure in the outdoors if you have a young family.

Spring in the Lake District

Spring in the Lake District

Photography essay of the English Lake District in spring. Beautiful images of England's highest mountains at the change of the seasons.

Winter Lake District

Winter in the Lake District

Photoessay on the Lake District in winter.

South Downs

Unforgettable encounters on the South Downs

Kev Reynolds recalls three magical moments from a lifetime's walking on the South Downs.

Walking routes in the Southern Uplands

High time for the Southern Uplands

The delights of day walking in the Southern Uplands: 83 summits in an area as big as the Pennines but wilder and emptier, stretching from the Merrick in Galloway to Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.