June 2016 Issue

Aconcagua summit day

Aconcagua – a taste of the big mountains

Becky Coles tells us about an expedition she lead to climb the highest mountain in South America, Aconcagua. She describes the ascent, equipment and life at base camp.

Camiño dos Faros

The Camiño dos Faros

Story of trekking the Camiño dos Faros, along Spain's Costa del Morte. This superb coastal walk travels from lighthouse to lighthouse in north-west Spain to reach Cape Finisterre after 200km.

Night Sky

The Night Sky: Crux - A Distinctive Cross in the Southern Sky

Night Sky expert Brian Jones discusses the constellation Crux. He describes how to locate it, its history and other interesting details for the backyard astronomer.

Trekking GR5

Trekking the GR5 from the North Sea to the Mediterranean - Highlights

Hiking the full GR5 from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. This 2300km journey passes through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and small parts of Switzerland. The highlights of this walk are explored here.

Kennet Avon Canal

The Kennet and Avon Canal - A 200 year old super highway

Steve Davison explores the Kennet and Avon Canal on a fascinating journey from Reading to Bristol, taking in the sights and the history on this famous waterway.

Mountain biking on Harris and Lewis

Mountain Biking in North West Scotland

Mountain biking guide Sean Benz describes his favourite route in north west Scotland: The Postman's Track on Harris and Lewis, one of the wildest and most spectacular mountain biking tracks in the UK.